Pancho Porto handicrafts

Esculturas Pancho Porto

Today we want to entroduce you our limited series of sculptures. These sculptures in metal, a generally malleable, ductile and reflective material, created by Pancho Porto commemorate the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago, making them an ideal gift or souvenir. 

Pancho Porto is a contemporary Spanish sculptor. He began his training in cabinetmaking at the Antonio Faílde centre in Ourense. Later, he entered the Mestre Mateo School of Arts and Crafts in Santiago de Compostela, where he studied what would be his main discipline in the future: sculpture.


It was at this school that he worked with materials that would become fundamental for the artist, such as steel and clay. At the same time, Porto continues his personal training and investigates other materials such as bronze or resins and their multiple uses and finishes.Pancho Porto was born in 1988 in Spain. In his studio he continues his research, both theoretical and practical, on the relationship between the materials used in each work and the message they convey.

These sculptures can be viewed and purchased at our premises.

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