Casa da Conga

Casa da Conga

The Campus Stellae Business and Coworking Center is located in the Casa da Conga. It is a historic and symbolic building of the city of Santiago de Compostela dating back to the early eighteenth century.

Originally, this building was built to house the canons of the cathedral. It was designed by Domingo de Andrade, although its construction was completed by Casas y Novoa in 1730.

It is structured as a block of four houses with a striking continuous portico that joins the four buildings and closes the south side of the Plaza da Quintana. The style is classicist, in contrast to the Casa da Parra located at the top of the square.

This building was renovated at the beginning of this century with a great job that showed the utmost respect for its history and surroundings. However, the renovation added new functionalities. Today, this century-old building remains one of the emblems of the city and is full of life, activity and new projects.

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Its location

The building is located in the Plaza de la Quintana, one of the most popular squares in Compostela and visited by many tourists. It is a square full of history, formed by the confluence of the south facade of the Cathedral of Santiago, the Casa da Parra, the Convent of San Paio de Antealtares and the Casa da Conga. Cathedral of Santiago, la Casa da Parra, el Convento de San Paio de Antealtares y la Casa da Conga.

The Plaza de la Quintana is divided by steps that separate the upper part from the lower and wider part. The two parts are called: Quintana de Vivos and Quintana de Mortos. The Quintana de Mortos, houses Roman and early medieval tombs discovered during the excavations of the Cathedral and its surroundings. It was a burial place until the eighteenth century, but for health reasons and lack of space, it was decided to find another location. The square still retains its charm and remains one of the busiest places in Santiago.

What is this building today?

Currently this building is a Business and Coworking Centrewhere many different companies conduct their business. This place offers several services such as, shared workspaces, private offices, fully equipped meeting and event rooms, as well as the possibility of having a virtual office.

Many great professionals have placed their trust in us and a lot of exciting projects have taken place in our Campus Stellae coworking center. All our coworkers develop their activity in different fields. If you want to know more about our coworkers, be sure to check the following link: Nuestros coworkers

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